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Meet Axidian Brand: Where Security Finds Its Axis
Posted by tatyana on 21 September 2023 04:11 PM

We are growing and changing, our company is reaching a new global level, therefore we felt like it was time for a serious brand revision. We present to you our new brand called Axidian.

Axidian is a fusion of “Axis” and “Guardian.” It symbolizes a strong and vigilant defender in the realm of IT security. “Axis” represents the pivotal nature of security in the digital landscape. “Guardian” reinforces the notion of protection and safeguarding against threats. Axidian is your

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Strengthening Security Together in Africa: HTBS and Axidian
Posted by tatyana on 07 September 2023 11:36 AM

We are thrilled to unveil a strategic alliance that is set to redefine IT security landscapes. Today, we proudly announce our partnership with HTBS, a distinguished IT security operator delivering innovative solutions and top-tier services to clients across Africa.

HTBS provides cutting-edge solutions and expertise to its clientele being an IS security systems leader. By uniting HTBS’s unwavering commitment to excellence with Axidian’s proficiency in identity and access management, we

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We are thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with Prisma Group, an esteemed Swiss company. This partnership aims to deliver robust authentication, comprehensive access management, Privileged Access Management (PAM), and Public Key Infrastructure solutions tailored to meet the distinct requirements of organizations in the region.

Prisma Group is renowned for providing professional IT services in Switzerland. By combining Axidian’s expertise in identity and access management

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Axidian Privilege 2.8: Simplifying Resource Management and Access Control
Posted by anna.vlasenko on 28 June 2023 03:52 PM

Axidian presents a new version of Axidian Privilege, Axidian Privilege 2.8.

Migration to .NET 6

Axidian Privilege 2.8 is now powered by .NET 6, the latest version of Microsoft’s software development platform. This upgrade has enhanced the platform’s productivity and efficiency, providing users with a superior experience through state-of-the-art features and tools. 

User authentication support with RADIUS

Axidian Privilege 2.8 supports user authentication with RADIUS. You can

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The Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB) has several rulebooks that outline the regulatory framework for financial institutions operating in Bahrain. These rulebooks serve as a comprehensive set of regulations and guidelines covering various aspects of banking, insurance, capital markets, and other financial activities. A part of it encompasses recommended procedures for safeguarding sensitive information, securing transactions, and identifying vulnerabilities in the cybersecurity policy of

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We are excited to announce our strategic partnership with AZCOM IT Distribution, a value added distributor of technology solutions in the Gulf Countries. Through this collaboration, we aim to deliver robust authentication, comprehensive access management, Privileged Access Management (PAM), and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) management solutions developed to meet the unique requirements of organizations in the region.

AZCOM IT Distribution is a trusted distributor of

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Bolstering IT Security: Axidian at SIT Africa 2023
Posted by anna.vlasenko on 11 May 2023 03:57 PM

From 2nd to 5th of May Axidian together with our partners SPG participated in the prestigious SIT Africa 2023 conference hosted in Morocco. As the digital landscape continues to evolve rapidly, Axidian remains committed to equipping organizations with the tools necessary to safeguard their corporate assets, protect user identities, and ensure seamless access management. 

SIT Africa 2023 provided Axidian with an ideal stage to exhibit our range of solutions tailored to the unique

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The webinar “Keep Privileged Access on the Radar: Speed Up ROI and Improve Security” was hosted on 13th of April in Turkish language drawing attendees from various industries and positions within organizations in the region. Organized by Axidian and vMind in Turkish language, we aimed to provide practical tips and strategies for implementing a successful privileged access management program to improve an organization’s security posture and speed up its return on investment.


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In a recent conversation with BThaber, Konstantin Krasovsky, EU Director at Axidian, discussed the company’s plans for the EU region for 2023. Now that the first quarter of the year is over and the busiest season is approaching, we want to share the highlights of this interview. Konstantin talked about the company’s approach to product development and how it responds to ever-changing IT security risks. In addition, he shed light on the competencies of Axidian, which distinguish it in the

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Axidian at IDC Roadshow – Keep Privileged Access on the Radar
Posted by anna.vlasenko on 04 April 2023 12:16 PM

Last week the IDC Roadshow took place in Turkey, and it was a great opportunity for businesses and technology enthusiasts in the region to gain insight into the latest trends in the industry. The event brought together industry leaders, IT professionals, and vendors to discuss the latest innovations in the world of technology and how they are shaping the future.

The IDC Roadshow is a series of conferences held across various regions to provide IT professionals and business leaders with

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