Indeed Identity on RISK Conference 2019
Posted by maya.ivanova on 19 March 2019 05:22 PM

From the 20-21st of March, Indeed Identity will be a part of two big European events in the field of cybersecurity: Infosecurity (Brussels, Belgium) and Risk Conference (Lasko, Slovenia).

If you are going to attend Infosecurity, use an excellent chance to discuss the updated partnership program and products’ extended functionality with CEO CIS & Asia Mr Alexey Baranov.

Moreover, Risk Conference will become a great platform for interaction and discussion as our team will make two presentations there.

…There are many use cases where PKI and digital certificates are required, but traditional plastic smart cards cannot be used. Throughout the last decade, the storage of data has been transferred from physical to virtual media. And the same changes will happen to smart cards. At the moment, plastic smart cards successfully respond to many traditional tasks like authenticating users, encrypting and signing documents at an office PC. They will continue doing it for a long time. However, we also understand that smart cards are not ideal and they create difficulties in the scenarios of working at mobile devices, such as laptops, tablets and smartphones.  

Surely enough, smart cards will be evolving, because digital life is always evolving. It is important to understand that it is an evolution, not a revolution that is taking place. In huge corporate companies where there are thousands of employees, it is impossible to rapidly switch from a smart card to a new solution. There is and will be a big inertness.

But we cannot turn a blind eye to the growing gap. Moreover, by denying the gap, you deny advanced competitive positions which can destroy your business.  While smart cards stay and will be a great solution for many operations, they are limited. Their future lies in a virtual shape…

“The evolution of trust: from plastic cards to universal mobile platform” – account manager Ms Nadia Navadova will talk about the ongoing shift from a hardware component to mobile platforms in terms of PKI management. What digital trust is and what it lacks, why future is in your phone and how it can affect your enterprise – find out answers to these questions at the presentation ‘The evolution of trust: from plastic cards to universal mobile platform’. It will be held on the 20th of March at 15:00 in Red Hall Workshop.

…According to Microsoft, 81% of the most serious cases of data leak in the last year was due to incorrect identification. In other words, the main threat to the company are its employees. Not hackers or disgruntled employees. It is us. We use passwords. And this is the main threat. 50% of people use less than 5 passwords for their accounts. Almost 40% use one password for all accounts. 25% cannot remember a large and complex password. 49% write their password on paper. Do you see yourself in these faceless numbers? I am sure, you are.

The login/password pair was replaced by multi-factor authentication. Then started using tokens and smart cards, smartphones. We thought that it will protect our data from leaking more securely than a password. And it worked… for a while. Often in corporate life, we pass smart cards to each other in the desire to help, but this is what reduces the efforts of cybersecurity specialists to zero. Moreover, one laptop is stolen every 53 seconds, and 70 million smartphones are lost every year.

But we never give up. We started to analyze not only what we know, what we have, who we are, but also how we behave. We add complexity to authentication. Artificial intelligence is already being used in hundreds of scenarios of everyday digital life. And authentication is no exception. We can use AI to access corporate data. We become the key to our data without the need to purchase additional devices.

At the end of this year, our company, Indeed Identity will present AI authentication solution. We believe in the importance of virtual smart cards. We invest time, money and effort in it. And we want to have by our side because your professional opinion is vital for us…

“The evolution of authentication: from passwords to artificial intelligence” – CEO Europe & North America Mr Konstantin Krasovsky will explain why future of fast, secure and usable authentication lies in artificial intelligence and what benefits modern companies already reap by implementing multi-factor authentication at the enterprise level. The presentation ‘The evolution of authentication: from passwords to artificial intelligence’ will be held on the 21st of March 2019 at 11:00 CET in the Gala Hall.

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