Amount of Indeed CM and EA/ESSO data
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What amount of data is stored in Active Directory (for EA/ESSO and Indeed CM) or SQL (for Indeed CM) per user?

Indeed EA/ESSO
The amount of data depends on the number of registered authenticators for each user and total size of all SSO templates loaded.
The amount of data may vary depending on the authenticator used.
Say, the amount of data for a single authenticator of Smart card + PIN type is 2 Kb, whereas for Palm authenticator (using Palm Secure biometric scanner) the amount of data is 20 Kb.

The ESSO settings take up approximately 1 Kb per user. To determine the data amount for SSO templates, it is necessary to sum up the size of all template files to be used.
Average size of a template is about 50 Kb.

Indeed CM
The amount of data per user is defined by number of issued certificates, backup copies of their private keys (if any) and photo file size.

Indeed CM user profile with two certificates takes up approximately 8.5 Kb. Note that there is a backup copy of private key for each of the certificates.
If only one certificate is issued, including a backup copy of private key, then the profile would take up 4.8 Kb approximately.
User photo resides in Active Directory, though it does not belong to CM profile. The amount of data it takes up is equal to photo file size.
If Microsoft SQL is used as data storage, then the user photo size is not counted for.

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